It may seem like the Internet and on-line surveys have been around forever, but it is a relatively new methodology that continues to evolve. Introduced in the late 90s, the on-line survey industry grew very quickly and was more like the “Wild West” than market research. Instead of shifting all of our efforts to on-line surveys, we added on-line surveys to our market research tool belt, to be used when appropriate.

As opposed to using a simplistic, do-it-yourself, web survey package or outsourcing to a web survey factory, we opted to bring the "industrial strength" SPSS Dimensions web survey platform in-house. The programming flexibility, real time reporting, and instant data access in multiple formats (e.g. Excel, SPSS, SAS) makes SPSS Dimensions second to none. This allows us to utilize our years of experience in research design without the limitations that come with most web survey packages.

Capabilities such as randomizing attributes across multiple screens, generating an alert email, playing video, or fielding a survey in 10 different languages means that your survey execution will never be limited by the survey software. Anything short of that means that you are settling for less.

In addition to being a powerful research tool, the software allows us to design surveys that are engaging for respondents. Much like the quality of the voice of a telephone interviewer or the appearance of an in-person interviewer, the quality of a web survey impacts how seriously a respondent will take you, and potentially their impression of your company's brand. Davis Research surveys offer the ability to field the survey under your own brand, including a custom design adhering to your branding guidelines and a unique domain, or under the Davis Research brand. Your web survey will not be 'branded' with 'powered by' logos of third party software product names.

Capabilities Demo

Click on the button below to see a web survey demo which includes examples of our powerful survey capabilities and custom screen designs.

Reporting and Dashboards

Our SPSS Dimensions software includes a robust reporting tool that will be very familiar to any SPSS or variable-based drag-and-drop user. It includes cross tabulation, statistics testing and data exporting, which are all available in real-time. Sometimes SPSS Dimensions reporting is a little more horsepower than a client needs, especially when they need to disseminate survey data to a wide range of people, some of whom may not be researchers. These clients require an interactive reporting tool that is graphically oriented and can be easily accessed by a variety of users. For these clients, we have customized an extremely user-friendly reporting dashboard. Example can be found below.

Data Processing and Data Delivery

For offline data analysis you can download a fully formatted SPSS file, a Dimensions Data File (DDF) for processing in SPSS Reporter, or even a simple Excel file. Finally, you may want cross tabulations. Our data processing department has years of experience producing cross tabulations and summary tables based on the most complex of tab plans. All of these powerful, yet agile, reporting and analysis options ensure you receive the information in the format most appropriate and actionable for you.

For additional examples, you can review our screenshots and case studies sections.

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