As researchers, we understand the value of a good verbatim.  Here is what our clients have said about our work.

Your team blows away my already high expectations. One of my newer colleagues who hadn’t worked with you guys before is still raving about how good the data is.
Research Manager - Strategic Research Firm

Your firm provides some of the best quantitative research we've received, you provide interpretation and insightful analysis rather than settling for simply stating the facts.
Research Project Manager, Automotive Manufacturer

Davis provides me with absolute confidence in the integrity of their collected data. They have provided an impressive continuity in staffing so that I have the stability of long-term working relationships. I have done sensitive surveys that affect momentous decisions at the highest level and I therefore demand the high standards that Davis provides.
Political Strategist,
30 year client

Davis separates itself from the market research pack by making their team an extension of my team. I know they care and they deliver quality I need. If I have a special request at 4:45pm on Friday afternoon, I know that they will get it done for me without complaint.
Syndicated Research Company

We rely on the experience of Davis Research to provide the most accurate fieldwork and data processing possible for our clients. We have utilized the services of Davis Research for the past fifteen years to provide our wireless communications and Internet clients with primary marketing research information and recommendations for their strategic business planning and product development.
Senior Partner,
Research and Consulting Company

Davis Research is an experienced and effective research firm that offers customers an honest & personal family-run business touch. One reason we  value Davis so highly is that your company provides an adequate number of staff members at product clinics to handle the inevitable emergencies that arise, unlike your competitors!
Research Project Manager, Automotive Manufacturer

It's so great to see a partner on top of things. We appreciate the quick turnaround for the additional respondents today and Davis taking a proactive lead with the sample source vendor to ensure that our completes were met without compromising validity.
Research Manager,
Market Research Consulting Company

This year's interviewer training sessions were the best I have experienced! The interviewers were engaged, asked great questions, and I look forward to working with them this year.  Also, a big hat's off to the call center supervisors and the quality assurance team as their contributions to our study have been invaluable.
Research Manager,
Financial Services Company

When I have a project that must be executed with perfection, I call Davis Research. I have used them for focus groups, phone interviews, product testing and phone-mail-phone projects. Their attention to detail and conscientiousness is the best I have seen in the industry. I would recommend Davis for any job - from resurfacing pavement to a complex conjoint study. They are definitely on my "A" list of vendors and I would strongly recommend them to any organization thinking about conducting consumer research.
Customer Knowledge Manager, Automotive Manufacturer

Davis Research has provided exemplary service for the most challenging marketing research assignments and valid information to support legal testimony. When I raise my hand and ‘swear to tell the truth’ I know I can depend, without qualm, on the work of Davis Research.
Ph.D., Legal consultant

From the project management staff to the telephone interviewers to the quality assurance department, the Davis team delivers top-notch market research. I've had a chance to visit on-site on multiple occasions and each time reaffirmed my belief that the level of understanding, the speed of responsiveness, and the thoroughness of their methodologies are what I appreciate about Davis. These services are unmatched by any other interviewing houses.
Research Manager,
Financial Services Research Company

You know what is unique about working with you guys? I generally do not feel like a client or even a business partner, but something that transcends those roles. Perhaps that is a bit unconventional, but it is one of the (many) things I like so much about working with Davis. Needless to say, you guys rock!
Senior Research Analyst, Research Firm

Davis Research excels in providing consistent quality service and innovative solutions. I know they can always get the job done accurately and on-time. They also have the ability to be innovative, insuring that they, and we, stay on the cutting edge of research technology.
Advertising Effectiveness Research Company

Davis Research is our first choice for all our telephone studies. Exceptional project quality and professional interviewers distinguish Davis Research from other vendors. Effective communication with a vendor is extremely important, especially when last minute projects arise. Efficient responses from Davis Research to new project requests has strengthened our relationships with our clients.
Research Manager,
Major Syndicated Research Company

I have a great deal of confidence in their ability to understand our needs and provide us with sensible guidance on how to meet them - rare qualities!
Qualitative Research Company

Davis Research did a good job on a tough project. As far as content was concerned, these respondents made up some of the best focus groups I've ever seen. In addition, your project manager did an excellent job. One thing that really stood out for me was her attentiveness as a project manager from beginning to end. When we were at the facility, she checked in numerous times at all of the key points to make sure we were on schedule and to help identify the right people we wanted in the room. This usually does not happen elsewhere. Usually, I'm the one who has to go get THEM. I have similar opinions on all of your other staff members. They were very nice and helpful.
Research Executive,
Research Company

As my team works with Davis Research, I continue to hear nothing but great things and I couldn't be happier about that.
Research Design Analysis Company

The Davis Research team has been VERY impressive on our project. The whole experience has been among one of the best I've had in terms of responsiveness, communication, attention to detail, and just general partnership. Excellent work!
Research Manager,
Market Research Company

When I'm in need of a great recruiter, you guys are first on my list! Now that I've seen your facility, I can have that in mind as well! Both of our groups tonight were absolutely outstanding! The client said you hit the "sweetspot" of who they wanted to talk to. Your staff who were helping us did an exceptional job! Thank you very much for a job well done on every level!
Focus Group Moderator

I have done clinics and drive tests throughout Europe and Asia, but I have never received the good-will and hospitality that you showed me during this recent exercise. I would expect good solid professionalism from any serious research organization, but it takes something different to make me feel that I've known you for years, and that I could rely on you in any circumstance. You have no idea how much easier my life has been because of your consideration and support. This has been a complex project and one which has attracted critical attention at the very highest levels of the client organization... I have a relaxed client who has an exciting and dependable message which he has been able to deliver with confidence. This is a really terrific achievement bearing in mind the constraints we have been under. You really have a great team at Davis.
Research Manager,
Automotive Manufacturer

"You guys are the best! Your work speaks for itself."
Manager - Large Qualitative Research Provider

Now that we are half-way through the year, I just wanted to extend a thank you to you and the team for a solid first-half. We have enjoyed working with your team directly and appreciate the unfailing support on the weekly study. We have our biggest studies of the year coming up, and we will be grateful for your continued hard-work in making this a successful year in research. I just love working with you guys.
Manager of Consumer Insights, Retail Apparel Company

I've worked with Davis Research for over 19 years, and consider them to be a very competent and trusted partner. In addition, they have significant experience in complicated and higher security recruits.
Manager of Consumer Insights, Entertainment Industry

Thanks for doing such wonderful work. Whenever people ask for recommendations I send them to you guys. I'm leading a research project with a vendor we had already hired before I started at this company and the recruitment/research agency is shockingly bad. No attention to detail and obviously bad recruits. I have to handhold these people and it's like I have to do the work for them. I reminisce of the past and how great you guys are to work with. YOU ARE AWESOME!!!
Strategist and Researcher, User Design Firm


Phew … that was a crazy week and a half! Thank you so much for all of your help! We have received glowing compliments on our execution of the research – which would not have gone well without every single one of you!


I appreciate all of the advice, handholding, and expertise – you have all gone above and beyond the “standard process.”

Consumer Insights Senior Analyst