In the ever changing world of telephone survey data collection, it is important to partner with a market research company that has the experience and capacity to successfully manage your project.  Davis Research has been conducting telephone based data collection since 1970 and has been using computer assisted telephone interviewing (CATI) since 1984.  We have over 30 years of actual CATI experience across hundreds of thousands of projects and topics.

Project Management

Each project that enters our call center is assigned a dedicated project manager who is the primary point of contact, and serves as their internal advocate for the project. Our project managers confer with our clients to ensure that the latest in telephone sampling techniques are in place and that the overall strategy will provide the best and most cost efficient results. The project manager then reviews all quality control procedures to ensure that our client’s goals are met. Our clients have come to depend on us to find the right solution to complex problems.


We operate 175 in-bound and out-bound call center interviewing stations between our offices in Calabasas, CA and Phoenix, AZ.  Our direct involvement with the interviewers is not only something that we feel sets us apart from many of our competitors, but it is also critical to the overall success of any quantitative telephone project.  All of our CATI stations are web enabled and can operate CFMC and SPSS Dimensions telephone interviewing software.

Our 100 seat CATI facility located at our headquarters in Calabasas, CA.
We use CfMC & SPSS Dimensions for telephone interviewing.


Interviewing Capabilities

Business-to-Business/Executive Interviewing

Our current client needs have allowed us to develop a top tier business-to-business interviewing team. These interviewing professionals are typically hired with industry experience in the subject matter that our current clients operate in,... and they have an average tenure of two years with our company. Each interviewer goes through a three-week training process that we have developed over the past forty years. We purposely hire people with specific traits that we have found to be key success factors for business-to-business interviewing. Learn More

In-Language Interviewing

Having offices in Los Angeles County and Phoenix, Arizona enables us to have access to an ethnically diverse employment base.  At any given time, we are typically interviewing in up to six languages.  We routinely interview in four major Asian languages,... French, and our Spanish language capabilities are extensive.  When needed, we have the ability to expand to other languages. Learn More

Multi-Modal Data Collection

We have the ability to interview respondents over the telephone with the option for respondents to finish the survey over the web.  From their stations, our interviewers are able to send an e-mail to the respondent.... The respondent can then resume the interview from the point at which they left off.  This methodology is often used in business-to-business interviewing, with hard-to-reach respondents, or if the project requires phone-to-web recruiting. Learn More

Nationwide Qualitative Recruiting

Our in-house recruiting department has the ability to recruit respondents for qualitative focus groups all over the country.  Many clients often hire us to recruit respondents to go to other facilities both locally and throughout the U.S. ... We utilize specialized lists (voter lists, automotive lists, etc.) in order to provide our clients with fresh respondents in whatever market the project demands.  We consistently receive some of the highest recruiting ratings in the Impulse Survey. Learn More
Advanced Technology

Web-Enabled Interviewing Stations

All 175 CATI stations are web-enabled through redundant high-speed Internet connections.  Each station has a unique telephone number, allowing it to be dialed directly by third-party dialing systems.  This allows us to assist other call centers with overflow telephone interviewing needs.

Interview Recording Software

Interview recording software which records all or designated portions of telephone interviews is available within our call center.  These recordings (MP3 files) can be transcribed and/or uploaded to a secure FTP site for download. ... Many clients will use this technology to hear the voice of the customer, as well as for quality assurance purposes.  Davis Research requires 2 party consent before recording is initiated. Learn More

TCPA Compliance

In accordance with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991 (the "TCPA") Davis Research uses telephone equipment which does not have predictive or automated dialing capability to dial all cellular telephone numbers.  As founding members of the American Association of Public Opinion Researchers TCPA Task force we are well versed in the law and regularly monitor TCPA Updates.


Rapid Response Interviewing & Data Delivery

Due to our current operational systems and flexibility, we are often able to introduce a new survey into our call center the same day that we receive the survey instrument.  With all of our resources in-house, we have perfected same-day programming... and interviewing and can deliver data back to our clients that very evening after interviewing has concluded for the day.  Many of the political consultants that we partner with find this ability to be extremely valuable as their clients continue to push them for on-demand voter opinion information. Learn More

Quality Assurance

We employ an entire department that is strictly dedicated to monitoring, coaching and training our interviewing personnel.  These are not operational supervisors or project managers, but specific team coaches whose focus is on survey administration and proper data collection.... We encourage all of our clients to conduct live monitoring sessions which can be done in-person or over the phone.  These sessions allow our clients to hear a respondent and an interviewer.   While listening, our clients can speak with our QA staff without the respondent or interviewer hearing them. Learn More

Customized In-Bound 800 Numbers

Custom In-Bound 800 Numbers can be branded with any company name and for any location in the world.  These 800 numbers can be answered by an operator or routed directly to interviewing stations.


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