Since we opened our doors in 1970, our approach has been to offer the full range of market research tools to meet our clients' needs. These tools have changed a lot over the years, but our philosophy has remained the same:

  • Our research tools will always be “industrial strength” and “best-in-class.” Our tools and systems are engineered to handle complex and large scale research projects.
  • Apply the methodology that is most appropriate based on the project details. We review the project objectives and suggest the most appropriate methodology. The image links above show the full range of market research services that we offer, unlike other firms that offer only one or two methodologies.
  • Maintain control over project execution by handling all aspects in-house. Our team of 300 research professionals work closely together on each project. This means better communication, management, and execution of the research project.
  • Remain agile enough to respond quickly to project changes, but robust enough to tackle large, complex research projects.
  • Deliver quality work and make the research process enjoyable for everybody involved.

Above are links to more information about the research tools that we have in our market research tool belt. In each section you will find specific details about what we offer as well as why we feel each is “industrial strength.”

We look forward to partnering with you on your next research challenge.

For more information or to request a proposal email us at
or call 818-591-2408 and ask for Bill Davis.