Industry Spotlight - Education

Davis Research has partnered with educational institutions including private, state, community and online colleges as well as education focused foundations to design, execute and report on research projects with a wide variety of goals, including:

  • Industry interviews to develop or change curriculum to better match the skills graduating students learn to those in demand by national and local industry.
  • Understand alumni satisfaction with relations efforts and the university's handling of newsworthy events.
  • Evaluating current student experience to better improve their education experience and a competitive assessment of why students choose to attend other campuses.

Industry Interviews:

Colleges are faced with a rapidly changing work environment and need to best prepare their graduates with the skills in demand by local and national employers.  Through telephone surveys, web surveys, in-depth interviews, and focus groups Davis Research has worked with colleges around the country to better understand the gap between the current curriculum and the skills employers are looking for.  Specific projects have included manufacturing, alternative energy,   and information technology.  Davis Research's work with the California Community College Centers of Excellence to validate the Information and Communications Technology competency model was recently featured in a press release by the U.S. Department of Labor.  See for more information.

Alumni Relations:

Working in partnership with alumni associations across the country, Davis Research has performed phone interviews and web interviews to provide independent feedback on the alumni college experience, the alumni relationship materials (such as alumni magazines), and the perception of how their alma mater is responding to crisis situations.  Our clients have found that having Davis Research perform the interviews they were able to obtain objective, independent feedback.  The alumni appreciated the separation of research from fund raising and their opportunity to have a voice that is heard throughout the university.

Student Experience:

Many times the faculty and administration at local colleges are not able to obtain objective feedback on where they are succeeding in delivering the education.  Students are reluctant to voice their opinions out of concern it may affect their grades or do so unscientifically through the many fragmented ratings sites that exist on the Internet.  Through focus groups, in person intercepts, and web surveys Davis Research has provided insight on the college decision process as well as large and small facilities changes that can drastically improve student morale.
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