Although telephone interviewing has evolved from paper to CATI, some people are still doing in-person interviews on paper.  In 1994, we moved from paper to CAPI technology.  Since then we have upgraded our fleet several times, and currently have 120 tablet computers with 10 inch color screens capable of displaying video and recording a respondent's voice.

CAPI vs. Paper

When tablet computers and survey software are used for in-person interviews, you gain access to advanced market research techniques that are difficult or impossible to do on paper.  Complex skip patterns, rotations and randomization are handled by the software, as opposed to counting on interviewers.  You also gain the ability to enhance the methodology by showing pictures and video or by recording the actual voice of the respondent.   Additionally, CAPI technology offers quicker access to your data and the ability to make questionnaire changes.  No need to run out to the nearest Kinkos' to handle the client's last minute request.

When in crowded intercept situations such as convention centers or sporting events, the CAPI technology provides the additional benefit of distinguishing your research staff from other researchers who may also be trying to interview your respondents as well.  While others are working with golf pencils and old clipboards, your team is equipped with cutting-edge technology, reflecting the importance you place on their opinions.

CAPI in Action

When a wireless network can be established, our CAPI devices access an on-line survey, which we program and host in-house.  Because it is an on-line survey, we can offer our clients real-time access to the survey results.  When a wireless network connection is not available, our CAPI software runs on each tablet, and we then upload the data directly to our server when a connection is available or through a telephone line.

Tablet Decisions

When choosing a CAPI solution for a project, you should consider the size and functionality of the device.  Tablet devices have different weights, screen sizes, offer full sized keyboards, and different advanced functionality.  We feel strongly that tablet our CAPI devices are the best choice for the following reasons:

  • They are easier for people to use because the screen is larger and easier to read.

  • It allows you to show more question text and answer choices on the same screen without having to scroll.

  • You can display video and questions on the same screen.

  • A full sized keyboard can be easily attached to collect open ends that are more in-depth.

Davis Research can help you staff the project with interviewers or they can simply program the survey and provide your staff the tablets.  We can also deliver the results in SPSS, ASCII, and real time data tables.

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