Davis Research consistently delivers genuine, articulate and insightful respondents along with well planned clinic execution. In addition to recruiting successes, our execution and analysis support team make the overall experience for our clients and the respondents enjoyable.

Since our first car clinic in 1974, we have conducted over 400 clinics across the U.S. and Europe.  While others assemble a patchwork of suppliers and hope that everything comes together in the end, we handle the entire process, including clinic design, recruiting, CAPI, staffing, on-site clinic management, and data processing, ourselves.

The vehicles evaluated have ranged from entry-level cars to ultra-luxury vehicles.  While we use fancier decorating for luxury vehicle clinics, the effort that we put into planning, recruiting and data processing is the same for every vehicle.  A few photos from clinics we have executed are below.  

Automotive clinic with hard walls and carpet.
Floorplan for compact vehicle automotive clinic.
Automotive clinic with compact vehicles.


Experienced Clinic Design and Management Team

A successful clinic starts with an experienced clinic team.  Our entire team works together from our Calabasas office to design the clinic, manage the recruiting, and program the survey. The team then travels to oversee and execute the clinic.


We feel that recruiting is the most critical aspect of a clinic.  If you do not recruit the right respondents and keep the non-qualifying or professional respondents out, your results will be tainted.

Leveraging our 175-station CATI facility enables us to execute large-scale recruits, which can include complex algorithms and quota structures.  We do not simply mail out screeners or post an Internet ad and hope that the right people will recruit themselves for your project.  We use the power of our CATI call center to proactively recruit respondents, leading to greater representation.  CATI technology allows us to increase the complexity of the recruiting that we can handle, all the while reducing errors and increasing our reporting efficiency.  All of this is done by our internal staff, supervised by the same project managers who designed the clinic and will be onsite when the respondents show up. 

CAPI and Real Time Reporting

In 1994, Davis Research embraced the use of CAPI machines (shown below) to replace paper and pencil surveys for clinics. Since then we have upgraded and replaced our fleet of computers several times as the technology has advanced.  We own and program a fleet of 120 tablet CAPI machines, so we are able to handle large scale car clinics, offering the most advanced real time reporting in the industry.


This method of reporting allows us to analyze quantitative data during the clinic and identify focus group and IDI candidates before they finish the survey, leading to optimal candidate selection.  Our data processing staff can deliver the data in whatever format our clients would like it, including receiving true real-time results and onsite reporting.  Examples of our real-time reporting are below. 

Other Types of Automotive Projects

In addition to static clinics, we have extensive experience with drive tests, including a local route from our office, focus groups with vehicles, exploratory vehicle research, ethnography, auto show intercepts and vehicle placements.  Following are several pictures from recent projects:

Intercept interviewing at the New York Auto Show utilizing our CAPI device.
Davis Research facility drive test staging area.

Video broadcast from respondent vehicle to client chase car during drive test.
Automotive clinic with luxury vehicles. Respondent is conducting an evaluation of the vehicle.

Post-drive test discussion with moderator and respondents that is recorded and sent to the viewing room.
Drive test and vehicle evaluation at our facility in Calabasas, CA.

Davis Research Drive Route Video
Davis Research Drive Route Map

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